Challenged Outdoorsmen of America began when a handful of handicapped outdoor enthusiast decided that it was time to do something positive in their world and banded together to make the great outdoors more easily accessible for everyone who through no fault of their own were unable to take advantage of the great outdoors
    In September 2001, Chris Alford got it in his head that it would be nice to have a local group like "Wheeling Sportsman", a group he had belonged to when he lived out of state. Then he met Donna Turner who helped organize the first meeting where 9 people met for Buffalo burgers at the "Gathering" a local church. It was there they decided to meet the second Tuesday of each month (a habit that continues still). After Chris had a confrontation with Mike Bransford,(Conservation Specialist with the US Corp of Engineers) over the removal of a deceased hog on government land, a union was formed with the two groups.
    The groups first big event was the Handicapped hunt in January of 02, and was attended by 22 Disabled hunters from several states and the District of Columbia.
    Since those early beginnings, what began as Texarkana Challenged Outdoorsmen has become known as Challenged Outdoorsmen of America and continues to grow